The Paper Collection

is affordable and original art on acrylic paper.

This hole collection is a reflection of the energy, I feel walking through the Forrest almost every day. I believe everyone should have the chance to own beautiful and original Energy art.

The Canvas Collection

is Artwork representing my hole art journey.

Every single one of them is a unique piece, a steppingstone from a ongoing journey through the wonders of Art.

The Resin Collection

is a dive into the wonders of color, glitter and gemstones.

It’s filled with sparkling magic and healing power. They will brighten up every room and put a smile on your face, every time you pass by.

Your own ORIGINAL Art by Ebner

Want yourself an ORIGINAL Art by Ebner, but the colors dosen’t macth your home?

NO Problem – contact me, and get your own customized artwork.

Artwork isn't just paintings

Want a beautiful and unique piece of homeware to highlight your home?

HEIKE the artist

It has always been my dream to spread colorful happiness and beauty. Art is my passion, a way to express my creativity and love for color.

PEANUT the guard

Forever best friend and companion. She always makes sure I’m okay in my Studio and protects the entrance.